#712 Bone and Joint Institute (Hartford Healthcare) – Indoor Waterfall | Bluworld

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#712 Bone and Joint Institute (Hartford Healthcare) – Indoor Waterfall

$61,000-$100,000, brushed stainless steel, clear glass, corporate, encapsulated/BluGuard, healthcare, horizontal multi panel, silver mirror

Location: Hartford, CT
Dimensions: 12’T x 22’W

The Bone and Joint Institute in Hartford, CT features an indoor waterfall by Bluworld. The Horizontal Multi-Panel frame style has water running on the inside between 5 pieces of clear glass (front), and 5 silver mirror water surfaces (back). With our Blu-Guard™ system, the indoor waterfall recycles the same distilled water – endlessly – making it virtually maintenance free. The rear mount reservoir style was beautifully integrated into the architecture by HDR Inc., and flows with the interior design of this space. Ask about our Blu-Guard™ system, when specifying an indoor waterfall into your next project.