#725 Ritz-Carlton Seven South – Glass Waterfall & WaterWall | Bluworld

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#725 Ritz-Carlton Seven South – Glass Waterfall & WaterWall

$61,000-$100,000, brushed stainless steel, clear glass, horizontal multi panel, hospitality, underwater lighting, waterwall

Location: Grand Cayman

Dimensions: 7’T x 19’W

This multi-panel glass waterfall acts as a stylish partition on the open-air patio at the luxurious, Ritz-Carlton resort. The brushed stainless steel frames the clear glass in an unconventional, L-shaped orientation. We teamed up with talented staff at The Johnson Studio and Phoenix Construction to fully realize this glass waterfall concept. The client also specified a semi-custom waterwall on their property (imgs 5 & 6). The waterwall is nearly 10’T x 6’W and echoes the multi-panel glass waterfall, by featuring the same materials. Our semi-custom Waterwall products are beautiful design options when budget is a concern. Select from a series of standard sizes, rich frame finishes and water panel materials to fully customize your waterwall vision.