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#728 Embassy Suites, Seattle – Custom Waterfall

$61,000-$100,000, brushed stainless steel, color changing, down-lighting, free-floating, hospitality, hotel, stainless steel mesh, standard single panel, underwater lighting

Location: Seattle, WA

Dimensions: 14.5’T x 9’W

This custom waterfall features a standard single panel frame style, custom woven stainless steel mesh, brushed stainless steel framing, and color changing LED lights across the top & bottom. Our stainless mesh is truly one of the most dynamic water surfaces to select for an open-air, custom waterfall. The combination of water patterns and lighting create a continuous, animated effect and the colors glow on surfaces nearby. Speak with one of our awesome account managers to specify a custom waterfall for your next project!

Freiheit Architecture / Turnstone Construction, Inc. / SODO Builders, LLC
EDI Engineers (structural engineer)