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#730 GE – ASLS – Bubble Panels

$26,000-$60,000, acrylic, bubble walls/BluGuard, color changing, corporate, down-lighting, encapsulated/BluGuard, horizontal multi panel, hospitality, underwater lighting

Location: Sarasota, FL

Dimensions: 10’T x 7’W

These bubble panels are made of clear acrylic with vertical baffles, and black acrylic for the header and reservoir. It lands in our frame style category called,“Horizontal Multi-Panel,” which describes multiple pieces of panel material that are installed side by side. The color changing lights and oxygen bubbles are automated and controlled by a touch screen panel. Our Blu Box™ controller can be preprogrammed with sequences, so the visual effect is continuously changing. This is a popular add-on to our bubble panels and other styles with the Blu-Guard™ water system. Blu-Guard™ water systems are completely sealed, low maintenance, and require no plumbing- fantastic! Bubble panels create an exciting look and feel to any design space.