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#735 American Water Company – Indoor Waterfall

$101,000-above, corporate, stacked horizontal multi panel

Location: Camden, NJ

Dimensions: 56ft T x 22ft W
(QTY 2)

This indoor waterfall is classified in our style guide as a Stacked Horizontal Multi-Panel (SHMP). This indicates that there are multiple water panels aligned vertically and horizontally in a given space. We were thrilled to partner with L.F. Driscoll on planning this project for American Water Street in advance of their grand opening! A stunning indoor waterfall flanks either side of the entrance. Fabricated with specialty glass (by others), stainless steel trim, underwater lighting and a reflection pool on the ground level. The floor to ceiling windows echo the design of the stacked panels of glass, creating a complimentary style of elements. Speak with a custom sales expert today about your next indoor waterfall project 407-426-7674.