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#744 Daytona International Airport – Indoor Waterfall

$101,000-above, brushed stainless steel, bubble walls/BluGuard, clear glass, color changing, commercial, corporate, side-lighting, underwater lighting, vertical multi panel

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

(Qty 2) Blu-Guard Vertical Multi-Panels 30ft T x 5ft W
Reflection Pool with Bubblers 10ft L x 11ft W

This indoor waterfall project has 3 separate water features: [Qty 2] Blu-Guard Vertical Multi-Panels and a reflection pool with bubblers. Our Blu-Guard system is fully sealed, maintenance-free and can be specified in to most of our frame styles. The VMP’s are mirror imaged on either side of the center structure which can be seen from both sets of escalators. The reflection pool joins the two at the base level, creating a visual continuity from the front view. Materials used to construct these indoor waterfalls include brushed stainless steel and clear glass. The color changing side-lighting and underwater lighting creates a soothing vibe to compliment your travel experience at Daytona International Airport in FL, USA. Speak with one of our custom sales experts today about specifying an indoor waterfall in your next project 407-426-7674.